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Over the years, many articles from Sky & Telescope magazine have been made available online free of charge. You can, of course, buy all of S&T in DVD form, but that's more money than many people are willing to spring for. Some day we hope to start selling articles online piecemeal, as we used to do a few years ago. But meanwhile, to whet your appetite, most of the free online articles are listed below. Specifically excluded from this list are topical article that now have limited relevance, and equipment reviews.

Stay tuned for further releases, including equipment reviews. And click here to see a complete table of contents for S&T from 1941 through 2009.

Observing Targets

111 Deep-Sky Wonders for Light-Polluted Skies, by James Mullaney.

Navigating North America, by Sue French.

Digging Deep in M33, by Alan Whitman.

The Very Long Mystery Of Epsilon Aurigae, by Robert E. Stencel.

Telescope and Observing Techniques

Sizing Up the Newtonian Secondary, by Gary Seronik.

Flexing Spheres into High-Quality Telescope Mirrors, by Alan Adler.

Introducing the Bortle Dark-Sky Scale, by John E. Bortle.

Thermal Management in Newtonian Reflectors, by Alan Adler.

Spectacles for Spectacular Skies, by Joshua Roth.


Measuring Skyglow with Digital Cameras, by Tony Flanders.

Spacecraft Imaging for Amateurs, by Emily Lakdawalla.

General Interest

Lincoln and the Almanac Trial, by Donald W. Olson and Russell Doescher.
August, 1990.
Abe Lincoln and the Leonids, by Donald W. Olson and Laurie E. Jasinski.

Hobby Q&A, by the Editors of Sky & Telescope.

The Great 2012 Scare, by E. C. Krupp.

Real Potential Disasters, by Robert Naeye.

Test Reports

Three Low-Cost Telescopes


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