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How Will the Sun's Corona Look at Totality?

Updated 8/16 to include Predictive Science, Inc.'s predictions. The total solar eclipse is less than three weeks away, but researchers already have a good indication of how the Sun’s corona will look when it comes into view.

Resources and Education

10 Things You Might Forget You Need on Eclipse Day

So you think you’re prepared for your eclipse viewing experience. But may I submit, dear reader, that you might have forgotten to pack a few things...

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Eclipse Events Roundup

Sky & Telescope brings you total eclipse events happening across the country on August 21st, courtesy of our astronomy events page.


Incredible Resolution: Reconstructed Galaxy Pushes Hubble’s Limits

Thanks to the effects of gravitational lensing, a team of astronomers was able to reconstruct a distant galaxy and study its unexpectedly clumpy star forming regions.

Celestial News & Events

Eclipse 2017: T–2 Months and Counting

With two months to go until the total solar eclipse on August 21, it's time to get planning — if you haven't already!

Space Missions

Mission to Asteroid Psyche to Launch Earlier Than Anticipated

The Psyche mission to asteroid 16 Psyche had its launch date pushed up — and will now arrive well before originally planned.

Solar System

Water Flow Gives Insights on Mars and Titan

A team of researchers led by Benjamin Black (City College of New York) used global drainage patterns of Titan, Earth, and Mars' surfaces to determine the likelihood of recent tectonic activity.