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NGC 5584

Stellar Science

Best-yet Value for Universe's Expansion

A new study with the Hubble Space Telescope pins down the universe's expansion rate with unprecedented accuracy.

Astronomy & Observing News

Galaxy Sparkles in New Hubble Image

The Hubble Space Telescope captures a spiral galaxy in remarkable detail.

Solar System

A New Light on Jupiter

With the help of Jupiter's moon Europa, astronomers have imaged the re-emerging South Equatorial Belt in unprecedented detail.

Astronomy and Society

New Images from Old Data

Find out how Joe DePasquale converted grayscale ESO data into beautiful full-color images as part of the Hidden Treasures competition.


A Galaxy when Galaxies Were Young

News media worldwide are reporting today on the new "farthest galaxy ever found," but the discovery is not quite as definite as it’s being made out.

Space Missions

The Crab Nebula Flickers!

A recent study shows that the Crab Nebula, long considered a steady source of X-rays, actually fluctuates.