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Solar Eclipses

A total solar eclipse is easily one of the most stunning celestial events a stargazer will see in their lifetime. Witnessing an eclipse is known to bring people to tears, and just seeing one is enough to hook you on chasing more! Despite the profound effects, though, the experience itself passes in mere minutes. After weeks or months of preparation, the Moon's shadow races along the ground, Baily's beads appear just before totalality, and then the viewer is bathed in the corona's eerie glow. While first-timers are encouraged to view a total solar eclipse with the naked eye and no embellishments, fervent eclipse-chasers consider a camera essential to capture the event. Our readers have done so with spectacular flair: Browse the pictures of solar eclipses below to see the most recent events, from totality over Australia to the recent annular eclipse over the U.S. Not to mention: the 2017 total solar eclipse to cross the United States!
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