What's in your night sky tonight? Open our interactive sky chart to create a custom map the night sky for your location at any date and time!

Launch the Interactive Sky Chart!

What Is the Interactive Sky Chart?

Powered by Heavens Above, our interactive viewer charts the night sky as seen by eye. The map includes the Moon, stars brighter than magnitude 5, the five bright planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn), and deep-sky objects that can be seen without the use of optical aid.

How Do I Use the Interactive Sky Chart to Explore the Night Sky?

Learn sky chart basics in our short tutorial:

The interactive sky chart offers a lot in the way of customizing what you want to see. Chart the stars and planets visible to the unaided eye from any location, at any time of day or night, on any date between the years 1600 to 2400 by entering your location, either via zip code, city, or latitude/longitude. Change the horizon view by dragging the green square on the full-sky chart.

Interactive Sky Chart — map tonight's sky!

Customize your map to show (or not show) constellation lines, names, and boundaries, deep-sky objects, star and planet names, and more. We also now offer the option to turn off the Sun, in order to show which stars are up during the daytime. The chart is mobile-friendly, so take it with you when you head outside. There's also an option to print a black-on-white version of the all-sky chart — just use the printer icon at top right.

And don't forget to experiment! Discover the difference between equinox and solstice, and find out if the constellations really are upside down on the other side of the equator.

If you have questions about how to use this sky chart, please email us at [email protected].

Want to Learn More?

Like what you see here? You'll get an even bigger, accurately mapped sky chart, along with oodles of stargazing information, in the pages of Sky & Telescope magazine.