Comet Holmes

Fighting a full Moon and the light pollution of Dallas, Texas, Randal Dean snapped this view of Comet Holmes on the evening of October 26th. He used a 6-inch Celestron C6R-GT refractor and an Olympus E-510 digital SLR camera.

Randal Dean

By now most of the amateur astronomy world has had a chance to witness the spectacular Comet Holmes. And many of you are shooting breathtaking pictures of the sky's newest "star." Visit our Online Gallery and check them out now!

Have you shot Comet Holmes? If so, please submit your image to the gallery and show it off to the world. Submissions are free and are a great way to share your best sky shots with friends and loved ones.

In other news, we've recently added Comet Holmes to our Interactive Sky Chart. Now you can make customized comet finder charts for any time and location on the globe. You can also track down the comet in the evening sky with our easy-to-use finder charts.


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