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Canon Lau

Location of Photo:

Hong Kong

Date/Time of photo:

2020.06.21 08:08 UT


TOA130 + Canon 60Da digital camera


This picture illustrates the edge of the moon surface during the solar eclipse. As moon is not a perfect sphere due to hilly terrains, the edge of the sun would be uneven during the solar eclipse. Due to lunar libration, latitude and longitude of moon are changing every moment. As a result, there are rarely two exact same pictures. In order to simulate the relief of the moon during the greatest eclipse, astronomy softwares Stellarium and Virtual Moon Altas are used. It is found that a picture of moon from New Year’s Eve in 2009 fitted the moon’s relief on the day of the solar eclipse. The picture of moon from 2009 is then put besides the picture from the solar eclipse as shown.


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