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Molly Wakeling

Location of Photo:

La Higuera, Region de Coquimbo, Chile

Date/Time of photo:

July 2, 2019, 16:39 Chilean Standard Time


Camera: Nikon D5300, Lens: Nikon 70-300mm f/4-5.6 lens at 300mm, f/5.6, Mount: Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer


This is a composite of 10 images of the sun's corona during the July 2, 2019 solar eclipse as seen from La Higuera, Chile. The exposures range from 1/4000s to 1s (ISO-200) in order to capture the wide range of brightnesses and the finer detail of the corona. This was my second solar eclipse, and it was as amazing as the first in the US in 2017!0




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