Sky & Telescope is known worldwide as "The Essential Magazine of Astronomy." For more than 60 years we've helped people of all ages and interest levels to appreciate the night sky by providing accurate, timely skywatching information. Our editors collectively have more than 160 years of experience at the magazine and nearly 400 in astronomy!

We want to make your job easier too. Whatever your needs — background materials, interviews, graphics, animations, or scripts — we can provide the expertise you'll need to convey what's happening in the night sky. In return, we ask that you credit us as the source of the material and, if appropriate, include a link to our home page:

In the meantime, we invite you to sample the online and e-mail-dispatched offerings described below. And if you have special needs or a particularly tough astronomy question, contact our executive editor J. Kelly Beatty (855-638-5388 x148) or our marketing director Marcy McCreary (855-638-5388 x143) for assistance.

Comet Hale-Bopp  Press Releases
For major skywatching events like eclipses and bright comets, count on Sky & Telescope to provide the text and graphics you need.  (issued as needed)
Moon & Venus  This Week's Sky at a Glance
Our skywatching summary tells you "what's up" in the ever-changing tapestry of the night sky, with both day-by-day and planet-by-planet listings.  (updated every Friday)

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 Astro News Late-Breaking News
When an astronomical discovery is made, our news team tracks down the facts and posts the story right away — often before you'll find it anywere else.  (updated as events warrant)

E-mail News  Astronomy News by E-mail
Sometimes news of an impending aurora or new comet can't wait. Our e-mail newsletter gives you the details.  
(issued weekly or as events warrant)
Moon info  Customized Almanac
Give us your location, and we'll give you rise/set times for the Sun and Moon, pending passes of the International Space Station, and more.  (available on demand)
All-sky chart  Interactive Sky Chart
This exclusive Sky & Telescope innovation lets you navigate around the heavens for any time, any date, and any location on Earth.  (available on demand)
Auroral Display  Skywatching Answers
Have a question about what makes a meteor or why auroras happen? Our online observing pages give you clear, informative answers.  (available on demand)


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