skyapps_350pxIn our March 2015 issue, we ask noted amateur and professional astronomers to highlight the astronomy apps they use most. These are apps that every astronomer should have in their back pocket, ranging from practical planetarium and weather apps, such as Scope Nights and Sky Safari 4, to science guides, such as Exoplanet and Astronomy Picture of the Day. Here, we include links to download each app. Enjoy!

Scope Nights

Sky Safari 5

Starmap 2

Deep Sky Browser

Gas Giants



NightCap Pro


Astronomy Picture of the Day

Aurora Forecast

My Aurora Forecast

At Sky & Telescope, we make our own apps as well. The most popular, SkyWeek (free), puts our "This Week's Sky at a Glance" column into app form. Each night's highlight can be viewed on the built-in interactive sky chart. In JupiterMoons and SaturnMoons, the apps display the planets and their moons, as well as the location of Jupiter's Great Red Spot and the tilt of Saturn's rings. Check out all of our apps on our apps page.


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