Sky & Telescope August 2007


Denying Doomsday By Richard Tresch Fienberg


News Notes
A Galaxy Core's Shadow Play, Volcanic Vents on Mars?, and more . . .

Mission Update
By Jonathan McDowell

50 & 25 Years Ago
By Leif J. Robinson

Carina's Stellar Cauldron
With its latest, 400-megapixel mosaic, the Hubble Space Telescope weaves a grand tapestry of starbirth in the sprawling Carina Nebula. By Ray Villard

Hinode Reveals the Sun
Japan's newest Sun-watching satellite is providing dazzling close-ups of flares and other magnetic activity. By Monica Bobra
Beyond the Printed Page: Hinode's Solar Movies

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Rambling Through the Skies: Diamond in the Sky
Twinkle, twinkle, little star. How we've imagined what you are. By E. C. Krupp

Northern Hemisphere's Sky
The Double Allure of Ophiuchus By Fred Schaaf

Northern Binocular Highlight
The Fox's Coathanger By Gary Seronik

Southern Binocular Highlight
Pole Position By Les Dalrymple

Southern Hemisphere's Sky
South of Scorpius By Greg Bryant

Sun, Moon, and Planets
Jupiter at Dusk, Mars at Dawn By Fred Schaaf

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Exploring the Moon
Secrets of Descartes and Ina By Charles A. Wood

Celestial Calendar
A Lunar Eclipse in the Dawn By Alan MacRobert

Celestial Calendar
Dark Nights for the Perseids By Alan MacRobert

Deep-Sky Wonders
Return of the Hero By Sue French

In Caroline Herschel's Footsteps By Michael Hoskin
Beyond the Printed Page: Follow Along In Caroline Herschel's Footsteps

S&T Test Report: A Modernized Classic
Can a venerable Newtonian reflector on a newly designed altazimuth mount deliver the observing goods? We find out. By Gary Seronik

New Product Showcase
SBIG for Macs, Remote Control with a Cell Phone, and more . . .

Books & Beyond
Where'd All This Come From?, What Will Happen To It All?, and more . . .

Astronomy Online
Dragging the Stars Around By Stuart J. Goldman

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The Astronomy Scene
An Open-Air Planetarium By David Schlom

Star Trails
Visions of Lynette By David H. Levy

Event Calendar

Hobby Q&A
Did the Greeks name a constellation after Achilles?, Is a CCD camera 10 times better than a digital SLR?, and more . . .

Good Moons from Bad Locations By Alan Friedman

Astrophotos from Our Readers

Index to Advertisers

Focal Point
We Are Stardust: Spread the Word By Daniel Hudon


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