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The Andromeda Galaxy, E. M. Antoniadi, and Magnetic Fields

In the December issue, dive into the Andromeda Galaxy’s past with an in-depth look at our galactic sister. In doing so, we discover our sibling has had a surprisingly different history! Dozens of other galaxies await your telescope, as we explore the faintest — but still accessible — targets in the most popular catalogs. Careful observing can get you to the farthest reaches of the cosmos, but it can also bring you closer to home. E. M. Andoniadi’s visual observations of Mars and other planets were truly in a league of their own. Also in this issue, learn about how magnetic fields can shield planets’ atmospheres — or perhaps hasten atmospheric loss.


The Drama Next Door

The Andromeda Galaxy is a giant spiral like the Milky Way but has had a surprisingly different — and tumultuous — past.

By Ken Croswell

Distant Dozen

Observe the farthest galaxies found visually in the NGC and IC catalogs.

By Jimi Lowrey

E. M. Antoniadi: The Astronomer Who Decoded Mars

This Greek-French astronomer is perhaps history’s greatest visual planetary observer.

By William Sheehan

Shields Up

Scientists are second-guessing the role magnetic fields play in protecting planets.

By Camille M. Carlisle

Modding Your Telescope

Take charge of your scope’s design and make it perform better than ever.

By Jerry Oltion

Beyond the Printed Page:

Far-Out Galaxy List

Download Jimi Lowrey’s list of all 94 galaxies with a light-travel time of 1 billion years or more.

Occultation of Betelgeuse

Find out when 319 Leona will pass in front of Betelgeuse from your location.


Bright Orion Sights

Winter’s mighty Hunter is a sight to behold.

By Fred Schaaf

Moon-free Geminids

A fine year for meteor showers has a final hurrah.

By Bob King

Observing the Moon Mappers

Track down the craters named after the giants of lunar cartography.

By Charles A. Wood

Winter Astrophotography

’Tis the season to brave the elements and capture some stunning images.

By Tony Puerzer

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