The cover of the June 2022 issue.

Gravitational Waves, Distorted Galaxies, and Drawing in the Dark

In the June 2022 issue of Sky & Telescope, astronomers are using gravitational waves to stretch our understanding of black holes. From colliding black holes to merging galaxies, we zoom out a bit to look at some captivating, distorted galaxies. We have also selected stunning images of geological formations that are a little closer to home: Can you guess which solar system body hosts each one? Plus, Howard Banich and Ron Brecher might have different ways of capturing their favorite observing targets, but they’re both more than happy to share their skills with you. Banich reveals the techniques behind the incredible sketches he has shared with us over the years, while Brecher covers the ins and outs of color in deep-sky astrophotography.


What Gravitational Waves Have Taught Us About Black Holes

With dozens of detections in hand, scientists are building a compelling picture of these mysterious spacetime objects.

By Camille M. Carlisle

Name That Neighbor

Challenge yourself to identify a diverse assortment of solar system bodies.

By Peter Tyson

Who Really Discovered Stellar Proper Motion?

Contrary to many books and articles, the answer isn’t who you think.

By Ken Croswell

Let’s Get Together

Feast your eyes on some remarkable distorted galaxies.

By Steve Gottlieb

Drawing in the Dark

Get inspired to sketch your favorite objects at the eyepiece.  

By Howard Banich

Palettes of the Deep Sky

Different filters help reveal the chemistry of the universe.

By Ron Brecher

Beyond the Printed Page:

Black Holes Collide

Listen to gravitational waves from two black holes colliding converted into sound waves.

Sketching Basics

Learn the basics of sketching with graphite pencils from Howard Banich.

A June Occultation

Use this chart to find out when you can watch the Moon pass in front of Eta Leonis on June 5–6.

Seeing Stars

Find out more about Daan Roosegaarde and UNESCO’s efforts to bring the stars back to towns and cities.


A Bevy of Boötes Beauties

The Herdsman has gathered a stellar flock.

By Fred Schaaf

A Rare Planetary Alignment  

Grab your chance to see all eight planets, a bright asteroid, and the Moon — all at the same time.

By Bob King

Dusky Lunar Mysteries

Closely observing enigmatic dark halo craters helps to determine their true origins.  

By Charles A. Wood

An Astrophotography Jargon Buster

Don’t get tangled in the pursuit’s techno-lingo.

By Ade Ashford

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