Pictures of a Baby Solar System
Astronomers have found a young version of the Sun surrounded by a solar system analog in the making.
By Thayne M. Currie & Carol A. Grady

Houston, We Have a Problem
Sometimes the most famous words are those never spoken.
By Dave English

Solve Binary Stars Yourself
PHOEBE builds you a bridge between binary star observations and sophisticated computer analysis.
By Dirk Terrell

The Herschel Project
A veteran deep-sky observer successfully completed the challenge of observing every object in the Herschel Catalog.
By Rod Mollise

Restoring a Gem of the Clarks
After decades of trouble, a priceless refractor lives anew.
By Francis J. O'Reilly



Interview with Thayne Currie & Carol Grady
Learn more about the fascinating young star LkCa 15 and how it's helping shed light on solar system formation.
By Robert Naeye

The Herschel Project
“Uncle Rod” chats with S&T editor in Chief Robert Naeye about whether it’s possible for experienced amateurs to “run out” of deep-sky objects to observe.
By Robert Naeye

The Apollo Astronauts: In Their Own Words
Hear what the astronauts really said during the Apollo missions.
By Monica Young

More on Seagrave Observatory and Its Restored Clark Refractor
See many more photos of the Seagrave Memorial Observatory's newly restored 8-inch Clark refractor.
By Alan MacRobert

Explore Binary Stars on Your Computer
Check out links to various programs that allow you to explore binary stars up close and personal.
By Camille Carlisle

Lunar Librations
Librations and other lunar data for August 2012
By The Editors of Sky & Telescope



The Big, the Bright, and the Easy
Summer has it all, from superwide doubles to the greatest galaxy.
By Fred Schaaf

The Return of the Perseids
Everyone'sfavorite summer meteor shower is due to peak on the night of August 11-12.
By Alan MacRobert

Five Performance Killers
Does your Dob disappoint? The solution could be a few simple tweaks.
By Gary Seronik

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