Measuring Asteroids with Homemade Monsters
Using home-built scopes of up to 32 inches, Bob Homes outdoes most of the world for tracking near-Earth asteroids. And he's just getting started.
By Mike Lockwood

Face to Face with a Giant
NASA's new rover Curiosity will take Mars exploration to an entirely new level.
By Emily Lakdawalla

A Dawn Eclipse of the Moon
For may of us, the Moon will become totally eclipsed before sunrise on December 10th.
By Alan MacRobert

A New 4-inch Refractor from Astro Telescopes
It's not a typographical error — this remarkable 4-inch f/11 refractor costs only $499.
By Dennis di Cicco



Curiosity Multimedia
Watch an animation of the forthcoming giant Mars rover Curiosity being lowered to Mars's surface by its "Sky Crane." And listen as S&T chief editor Robert Naeye interviews Joy Crisp, Curiosity's Deputy Project Scientist, who talks about Curiosity's goals and novel new capabilities.
By The Editors of Sky & Telescope

Lunar Librations
Librations and other lunar data for December 2011
By The Editors of Sky & Telescope



Natural Color with Six Filters
Try this alternative technique to enhance your color images made with both broadband and narrowband filters.
By Debra Ceravolo

5 Binocular Factors that Matter
To see or not to see — that is the question.
By Gary Seronik

Southern Stars SkySafari3
This app for Apple's mobile devices literally puts access to the night sky at your fingertips.
By Joe Heafner

Giant Lunar Shield Volcanos?
They were strangely missing — until now.
By Charles A. Wood

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