Secrets of the Northern Lights
After centuries spent marveling at auroras' spectacular and fearsome displays, people have solved many of their mysteries.
By Pål Brekke

The Moon and the Mystery of the Hunley
The Moon and tides played major roles in the successful attack and disappearance of the Confederate submarine.
By William H. Stevenson III

The Great Meteor Procession of 1913
Historical sleuthing adds important sightings to the world's greatest fireball display.
By Donald W. Olson & Steve Hutcheon

Savvy Scoping
Get more from your telescope! Try these tricks, techniques, and tactics from a deep-sky veteran.
By Ken Hewitt-White

Fulfilling a Lifelong Dream
This home observatory grew from a personal promise made long ago.
By Edward B. Noffsinger

Observing with Astrovideo Cameras
Video can boost your telescope's reach by leaps and bounds.
By Rod Mollise



Auroras Off the Page
Listen to the sound of aurora and learn what resources will help you become a successful aurora hunter.
By Camille Carlisle

Interview with William H. Stevenson III
Editor in chief Robert Naeye interviews history buff and amateur astronomer Bill Stevenson about the sinking of a Confederate submarine.
By Robert Naeye

Master Sky Charts
Find your way around the night sky.
By Alan MacRobert

Lunar Librations
Librations and other lunar data for Feb. 2013
By The Editors of Sky & Telescope



Comet PANSTARRS: Early Alert
Get ready for the first of the two bright comets expected in 2013.
By Alan MacRobert

Mercury Meets Mars
The two smallest planets have a close encounter in the February twilight.
By Fred Schaaf

Puppis, the Stern
Northernmost Puppis is rife with star clusters and planetary nebulae.
By Sue French

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