Saturn’s Amazing Rings
Astronomer’s understanding of these beautiful bands has come a long way since Galileo first spied “a case so surprising” in 1610.
By J. Kelly Beatty

How Worlds Get Out of Whack
Several gravitational mechanisms can cause planets to migrate substantial distances from their formation orbits.
By Greg Laughlin

Stonewall Jackson in the Moonlight
In the Battle at Chancellorsville a full Moon may have changed the course of the American Civil War.
By Donald W. Olson?and Laurie E. Jasinski

Exploring the M83 Galaxy Group
ound the tail of Hydra is a collection for deep-sky connoisseurs.
By Les Dalrymple

A Planetary Breakthrough
WinJUPOS eliminates the race against time in planetary imaging.
By Sean Walker



Cassini's Take on Saturn's Rings
NASA's Cassini spacecraft reveals Saturn's majestic Hula-Hoops in fantastic detail.
By Camille Carlisle

Planetary Migration with Greg Laughlin
In an interview with exoplanet expert Greg Laughlin, editor in chief Robert Naeye dives deeper into the topic of planetary migration.
By Robert Naeye

Stonewall Jackson in the Moonlight
View a gallery of images of the Battle of Bull Run, Battle of Chancellorsville, and more.
By Robert Naeye

Lunar Librations
Librations and other lunar data for May 2013
By The Editors of Sky & Telescope



May's Amazing Planet Trio
The three brightest planets form an extremely tight group at dusk.
By Fred Schaaf

Discovery at Titan
Was Titan's atmosphere first detected visually?
By Thomas Dobbins

The Realm of the Nebulae
Some unusual galaxies lie near the Virgo Cluster's eastern edge.
By Sue French

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