Touchdown on the Red Planet
Curiosity's spectacular landing paves the way for new discoveries about Mars's ability to support life.
By Emily Lakdawalla

From Handel to Hydra: Naming Planets, Moons & Craters
"Naming a thing is man's nearest approach to creating it." -- Percival Lowell
By Rosaly Lopes

The Evolving Eclipse Map
Nearly 400 years of fine-tuning have turned today's eclipse maps into works of art that predict cosmic alignments with exquisite precision.
By Michael Zeiler

Tips for Shooting Great Nightscapes
Capturing the Earth and sky in one great composition is surprisingly easy.
By Babak A. Tafreshi



Newest Images from Curiosity
The Curiosity rover's 17 cameras capture its surroundings — a fascinating mix of the alien and the familiar.
By Kelly Beatty

Mapping Eclipses
View maps of eclipses coming up over the next five years.
By Robert Naeye

From Handel to Hydra: Naming Planets, Moons, & Craters
Find out the names and protocols for features and bodies throughout the solar system.
By Monica Young

Find Neptune's Big Moon
Neptune's big moon, Triton, is nearly as dim as Pluto. Use our Triton Tracker tool to meet the challenge of finding this faint satellite.
By David Tytell & Adrian Ashford

Lunar Librations
Librations and other lunar data for Nov. 2012
By The Editors of Sky & Telescope



The Marriage of Earth and Sky
Mundane and celestial objects enrich each other where they mingle.
By Fred Schaaf

Turmoil on Jupiter
The King of the Planets reappears with chaos in its northern hemisphere.
By John H. Rogers

S&T Test Report: Orion's StarShoot G3 Cameras
Beginning astrophotographers have two new astronomical CCD cameras to consider.
By Johnny Horne

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