The Battle to Control Light Pollution
There's never been a better time than now to make the case for preserving the night sky.
By Bob Parks

Peering Beneath Jupiter's Clouds
NASA's Juno mission will give scientists their first in-depth view of Jupiter's deep interior.
By Jon Zander

Going Against the Grain
Simple techniques will produce big improvements in your astrophotos.
By Ruben Kier

Probing the Nearest Star
With the next solar maximum approaching, gear up to view the Sun.
By Stephen W. Ramsden

Beyond the Familiar Veil
There's more to this nebula than the bright arcs and Pickering's Wisp.
By Alan Whitman



Podcast: Planetary Sentinel
While keeping watch on the planets, Wesley discovered two impacts on Jupiter.
By Anthony Wesley and Sean Walker

Beyond the Familiar Veil
Unfortunately, we published this article using red in the text and chart, making it unusable by red flashlight at night. Here's corrected version.
By Alan Whitman

Video: Light Pollution's Medical Effects
Excessive light is a problem for everyone, not just amateur astronomers.
By Mario Motta and Robert Naeye

Podcast: Light Pollution Control Successes
The International Dark Sky Association has scored some remarkable victories in the battle against light pollution.
By Bob Parks and Robert Naeye

Podcast: Exploring Jupiter
The principal investigator of the Juno probe to Jupiter discusses the project.
By Scott Bolton and Robert Naeye

Watch a Star Wink Out on September 3rd
On the evening of Saturday, September 3rd, the dark edge of the waxing gibbous Moon will cover the 2.3-magnitude star Delta Scorpii for the eastern and southern U.S. to northern Venezuela.
By Tony Flanders

Lunar Librations
Librations and other lunar data for September 2011
By The Editors of Sky & Telescope



The David H. Levy Comet Hunter
Don't be fooled by the name; this 6-inch Maksutov-Newtonian reflector will do a lot more than help you find comets.
By Dennis di Cicco

In Praise of the Great Dark North
If you dismiss your northward view as the sky's dullest quarter, you're missing out.
By David A. Rodger

The Berkeley Clusters
These groupings are rarely observed but often rewarding.
By Sue French

Jerry's Big Astroscan
More than a mere novelty project, this homemade 8-inch telescope looks just like the venerable Edmund telescope but improves the design in several ways.
By Gary Seronik

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