The Black Hole Files with Camille Carlisle

Video: Black Hole Warps Light

The hypnotizing effect of a black hole on its surroundings appears to dramatic effect in this simulation.

Artist's concept of MAXI J1820+070

Black Holes

How “Light Echoes” Revealed a Black Hole’s Feeding Habits

Astronomers are taking a cue from bats, using a method similar to echolocation to map out the feeding environment around a black hole.

Black Holes

A Rapidly Spinning Black Hole with a Warped Disk

An X-ray telescope recently installed on the International Space Station has provided a detailed look at a black hole feeding off its companion star.

tidal disruption event illustration

Stellar Science

Black Hole Destroys Star and Shoots Jet

Astronomers have watched the growth of a jet fueled by a shredded star.

Celestial News & Events

Meet My Variable Friend SS Cygni

Get acquainted with SS Cygni, the sky's brightest cataclysmic variable star. It's guaranteed to keep you on your toes.