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New Horizons Recruits Amateurs to Sight Stars

The New Horizons team wants you to help measure the distance to two stars, yielding the longest-ever baseline measurement of a key cosmic yardstick.

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New Horizons Reveals Full Picture of Arrokoth...and How Planets Form

New Horizon’s flyby of Arrokoth, a planetesimal in the Kuiper Belt, reveals a pristine object untouched since the solar system’s origin. Its shape and geology show that planetesimals form more gently than previously thought.

Color composite of 2014 MU69

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New Horizons Flyby Target Receives Official Name: Arrokoth

When NASA's New Horizons flew by a distant Kuiper Belt Object on New Year's Day, they nicknamed it "Ultima Thule." Now, the object has received an official moniker: Arrokoth.

Ultima Thule

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New Results Probe the Origin of "Ultima Thule"

As observations trickle in from NASA's New Horizons spacecraft, mission scientists have new insights on how their two-lobed target formed in the Kuiper Belt.

Ultima Thule


60-second Astro News: Latest from Ultima Thule & A Tall-Tailed Galaxy

This week in astronomy news, see two stunning images — one from the edge of the solar system, the newest image of Ultima Thule, and the other from the depths of the Coma Cluster of galaxies.

Ultima Thule in color

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Initial Results from the Ultima Thule Flyby

NASA's New Horizons made history when it flew by "Ultima Thule" on New Year's Day, but the science return is only beginning. Here's the latest from mission principal investigator Alan Stern.

Stereo view of 2014 MU69

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New Views of Two-Lobed "Ultima Thule"

Images and other observations taken by the New Horizons spacecraft early on New Year's Day reveal a remarkable (but not unexpected) two-lobed object.

New Hoirizons and 2014 MU69 artwork

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New Horizons Reaches "Ultima Thule"

NASA's outward-bound explorer rings in the new year with the most distant flyby in space-exploration history.

Ultima Thule (art)

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New Horizons: Ultima Thule is Dead Ahead

Ultima Thule, the next target for the New Horizons mission, is getting ever bigger within the spacecraft's sights. Alan Stern brings us the latest update on preparations for the New Year's Day flyby.

Illustration of New Horizons flying by Ultima Thule

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Planning the New Horizons Exploration of Ultima Thule

Alan Stern, principal investigator of NASA's New Horizons mission, gives a detailed preview of what the spacecraft will be doing in the days up to, during, and after the impending flyby of the Kuiper Belt Object 2014 MU69.