Spinning black hole tidal disruption event

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"Brightest Supernova Ever" or Shredded Star?

An incredible blaze of light discovered more than a year ago still has astronomers baffled as to its cause - and the answer may be contrary to recent headlines.

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The Resurgence of the Brightest Supernova

In 2015 ASASSN-15lh gained fame as the most luminous supernova ever discovered. Almost a year later and against all odds, the supernova has rebrightened.


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Brightest Supernova Baffles Astronomers

The most luminous supernova ever discovered, ASASSN-15lh, challenges a popular theory for blazingly bright exploding stars.

ASASSN-15lh finder chart

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The Most Luminous Supernova

Astronomers have discovered an exploding star that belongs to the "superluminous" class, and it's the most luminous one ever found.