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New Chelyabinsk Results Yield Surprises

The mega-meteor that exploded over Russia last February has provided impact specialists with some surprising — and sobering — revelations.

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Chelyabinsk Mega-meteor: Status Report

The cosmic intruder that exploded in the sky on February 15th dropped thousands of fragments onto the snow-covered plains of south-central Russia. Here's an update on what's been found.

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Update on Russia's Mega-Meteor

The cosmic intruder that exploded so spectacularly over Chelyabinsk last month was a typical asteroidal fragment. Now researchers are piecing together the story of its arrival and aftermath.

Meteor trail over Chelyabinsk

Astronomy and Society

Info on Russian Meteor Pours In

The fireball that exploded over Russia on February 15th left more than a million square feet of damaged windows, bringing home how fragile life on Earth can be. Here's what S&T's staff has managed to piece together about what happened.

Meteorite smoke

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Lessons from the Russian Meteor Blast

Friday's meteorite explosion over Russia offers the strongest motivation yet for investigation of near-Earth objects.