Double Stars

Pushing Limits: A Spring Sky Double Star Romp

Push your telescope to the limit and put your eyes to the test with this series of tight-knit springtime double stars.

Beguiling Hues

Double Stars

Colored Double Stars, Real and Imagined

Colorful lights twinkle everywhere during the holiday season, including up above in some remarkably tinted double stars. Find out what makes them so alluring.

Stellar Beauties

Double Stars

Will the Real Albireo Please Stand Up?

A stunning double star, Albireo is also a bit of an enigma. Is it a true binary or the result of a chance alignment?

Big, Bold Mars This Week

Explore the Night with Bob King

Follow Mars to His Double Star Lair

Let Mars be your guide to no fewer than 15 diverse and delightful double stars that pepper its path through Scorpius and Libra this opposition season.