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Astronomy and Stargazing Projects

Hunting Giant Planetary Nebulae

Mind your elders the next clear night and pay a visit to some of Spring's biggest and most ancient planetary nebulae.

Equipment: Guides & Recommendations

Budget Eyepieces

Wide-angle oculars from Olivon

People, Places, and Events

Telescopes Galore at NEAF

Dozens of new products debut at the Northeast Astronomy Forum & Telescope Show.

Astronomy Online with Stuart Goldman

Scope Calculator Applet Added

Try out a new addition to our suite of interactive observing tools.

Looking at the exit pupils

Choosing Your Astronomy Equipment

A Pupil Primer: How Big Should a Telescope's Exit Pupil Be?

Image brightness, magnification, and why the old ideal of a 7-millimeter exit pupil is not so ideal at all.