Geminid fireball

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U.S. Space Force Releases Data on Bright Fireballs

The U.S. Department of Defense has released data on some 1,000 bright fireballs. Scientists are still debating if the data confirm an interstellar meteor.

Twisted glass slab

Astronomy and Society

Did a Comet Explode Over South America 12,000 Years Ago?

Huge chunks and twisted slabs of dark glass are strewn across a patch of the Chilean Atacama Desert. Do they have a cosmic origin?

Fireball Over Ontario

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Fireball May Have Dropped Meteorites in Ontario

A lime-green meteor as bright as the full Moon streaked across Canadian skies on July 24th and may have delivered free samples from the asteroid belt.

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Amazing Images Capture Giant Fireball Exploding Over the Bering Sea

A powerful fireball exploded over the wilds of eastern Russia last December. Satellites captured the whole thing. 


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Asteroid 2018 LA Explodes Over Botswana Hours After Discovery

Don't look now — it's already gone! Asteroid 2018 LA screeched into Earth's atmosphere only 7 hours after its discovery to create a Sun-bright spectacle over South Africa and Botswana.