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Bright Supernova Beckons

Explore the Night with Bob King

Bright Supernova Erupts in NGC 5643 in Lupus

A recently discovered supernova in Lupus now shines around magnitude +11.5, bright enough to see in a modest telescope. With photos and maps, we'll get you there. I wished I lived in Georgia and not just for the peach trees and warmer weather. No, I'd be able to get up early…

Another Dwarf Bites the Dust

Celestial News & Events

Dual Supernovae Light Up June Nights

Supernovae are popping up everywhere! Two stars flamed out millions of years ago and at least one is an easy catch right now in amateur telescopes.

Supernova Refsdal's fifth image

Stellar Science

Astronomers Predict a Supernova

For the first time, astronomers have predicted the appearance of a supernova.

Graceful arc of shocked gas

Deep Sky

How to See Cygnus's Other Veil Nebula

You'll be entering uncharted territory when you seek out this little known 'Shadow of the Veil' in Cygnus this summer.