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Bioluminescence and cosmic light, by Phil HartAstrobiology

Astrobiology is the study of life’s origins and how extraterrestrial life might develop on other planets in and beyond our solar system. Though this field of study has only one life-hosting world – so far! – that’s not stopping researchers from investigating what kinds of alien life might be possible.


Stonehenge solstice in 1981, S&T: J. Kelly BeattyAstronomy & Society

Astronomy might be about the heavens, but its effects are felt right here on Earth too. Whether the latest event is a meteoroid explosion over Chelyabinsk or inbox hype about the next "supermoon," keep up to date with how astronomy endeavors are affecting us and our society.


Supermassive black hole, NASA/JPL-CaltechBlack Holes

Black holes are among the weirdest things in astronomy, objects so massive and compact that not even light can escape. Once purely theoretical, they're now an observational reality. Read the latest on Milky Way's central beast, faraway quasars, and next door-neighbor stellar mass black holes.


Bolshoi snapshotCosmology

Cosmology is big-picture astronomy — the universe on its grandest scales. From the mysteries of dark matter and dark energy to the vast cosmic web, modern cosmology probes what makes the cosmos tick. Read the latest cosmology news here.


Exoplanet, NASAExoplanets

We’ve discovered single exoplanets orbiting two stars and as many as seven exoplanets orbiting a single star. We’ve probed the planet-forming disks that spawn these alien worlds, and we’re even starting to map the alien weather. Read the latest exoplanet news, from super-Earths to hot Jupiters.



With more than 100 billion galaxies in the observable universe, the exciting discoveries and unanswered questions are endless. We bring you the latest news in galaxies and galaxy formation and evolution.


Ibn Sina, Wikimedia CommonsHistory & Sky Lore

The earliest written records were astronomical observations. The history of astronomy since then has been a complex interplay of philosophy and science. From ancient history to more recent times, read on to explore the history of astronomy.


Milky Way Galaxy, NASA / JPL-CaltechMilky Way

Even as astronomers piece together our galaxy's structure and history, the Milky Way still holds plenty of secrets. Here you’ll find the latest news on the bustling stellar metropolis we live in, the dwarf galaxies that make up its suburbs, and our evolving picture of everything Milky Way.


woman_Horizon_Comet_mObserving News & Current Celestial Events

Sky & Telescope is your one-stop shop for celestial events. Whether you want to find out how to observe a new comet or are just curious about what’s in the sky tonight, our blogs and podcasts will help you navigate the wonders of the night sky.


Grand Canyon Star Party 2013. National Park Service / Kristen M CaldonPeople, Places & Events

Astronomy’s stars aren’t all blazing balls of gas in space — some of them are people. Here you’ll find the latest on the people who shape astronomy and where, when, and how to meet up with your fellow astronomers.


Hubble Space Telescope in orbit, NASAProfessional Telescopes

Space and ground-based telescopes have not only transformed astronomical research, but they are impressive feats of engineering in themselves. Sky & Telescope keeps you up to date on new ingenious methods of peering into the depths of space.


White House, S&T: Dennis di CiccoScience & Space Policy

Where you have people, you have politics. So science — which is done by people — involves politics too. Whether it's balancing the NASA budget or funding observatories in our nation and around the world, here you’ll find our coverage of the major policy matters that are affecting astronomy.


MarsVallesMarineris_480Solar System

We live in an amazing planetary system. From the yawning Valles Marineris on Mars to the subsurface ocean hiding within Jupiter’s moon Europa to the Sun's mysteriously hot corona, the solar system brims with wonders. Here you’ll find the latest news on our ongoing exploration of the solar system.


New Horizons Space Art, Casey ReedSpacecraft & Space Missions

During the Space Age, humanity has launched orbiters to Mars and sent wayfarers such as New Horizons on grand odysseys to the outer solar system. We also peer far beyond the Sun’s neighborhood using high-tech space observatories. Here you’ll find the latest on our space endeavors.


SupernovaCropStars & Stellar Science

Stars have always been at the heart of astronomy. We use telescopes to peer through dusty gas to see young stars forming, and we watch in awe as old stars explode in supernovae. Keep up to date on the latest discoveries in our study of the stars.