Don't miss the December 31st deadline!

Comet ISON thwarted predictions at every turn before dwindling to a faint ghost of dust and rubble after passing the Sun. But before it faded to nothing, ISON teased us with a lively series of flareups that had observers breathless with anticipation — and photographers busy at work.

So the Comet ISON Photo Contest we announced back in October continued, with dozens of submissions vying for hefty prizes. Now the deadline is approaching: submit your photos before midnight EST on December 31st for a chance to win. In addition to recognition in the magazine and online, three winners will receive:

8-inch EdgeHD on Advanced VX Mount; Skyris 274M CameraCometron 114AZ telescopeCometron 12x70 binoculars

We welcome entries of all types, from wide-field nightscapes to high-power telescopic closeups.The main requirement is that Comet ISON be in the original exposure(s).

We'll accept up to five entries per person, and there's no fee to participate. You retain the rights to your photos — we only ask permission to publish the winning photos on our website and in the April 2014 S&T.

Selecting the Winners

S&T staff will select about a dozen finalist images. We'll post them on the website on January 8th.

Then it's your turn! Vote for your favorite entry until January 22nd. We'll tally up the votes and announce the winners in the April S&T and online.

How To Enter:


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