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Best 2017 Eclipse Pictures from Our Readers

We've curated a selection of some of the best pictures our readers submitted to our online gallery of the August 21 solar eclipse.

Eclipse Vs Solar

Celestial News & Events

Total Eclipse vs Solar Power

In addition to clogged roads and crowded hotels, the 2017 solar eclipse had another big effect on U.S. infrastructure: reduced solar power production.

Pro-Am Collaboration

The Eclipse as Seen by Citizen Scientists

Some academic and citizen-science groups came up with neat initiatives for eclipse day. Let’s find out how they did.

white dwarf trigger supernova

Stellar Science

The White Dwarf That Survived

A peculiar white dwarf could be what’s left after a failed supernova explosion.

Solar System

Curiosity Rover Watches Clouds on Mars

Barely visible water-ice clouds coast across Mars’s skies in new videos from the Curiosity rover.