Solar System

Earth’s Mini-Moon Linked to Farside Lunar Crater

Researchers might have located the birthplace of 469219 Kamo‘oalewa, a small asteroid that has been described as Earth’s “mini-moon.”

Artist's impression of a black hole surrounded by swirling gas

Black Holes

Most Luminous Quasar Hosts What Might Be Fastest-Growing Black Hole

In a new study, astronomers have identified a quasar more luminous and voracious than any found to date.

Illustration of Kepler-1625b and moon transiting star


Doubt Cast on Exomoon Candidates

Exomoon candidates are tantalizing but, according to new research, perhaps unfounded.

An illustration of one of brightest explosions ever seen in space. Called a Luminous Fast Blue Optical Transient (LBOT), it shines intensely in blue light. It appears as a bright white blob left of centre where blue-white and red rays sprout out from it. Toward the right of the image there is a white spiral galaxy. To the upper left is another whitish galaxy shaped like a cigar. The LFBOT doesn’t seem to be associated with either galaxy.

Stellar Science

Hubble Telescope Witnessed Intergalactic Flash of Light

An explosive flash of blue light briefly appeared in intergalactic space, thousands of light-years from the nearest galaxy.

Magnetic field lines on the Sun

Solar System

Parker Solar Probe Detects Source of Solar Wind

The Sun flings charged particles and accompanying magnetic fields into the solar system, but how? NASA's Parker Solar Probe dives in to find out.

An orange oval extends from the 1 o’clock to 7 o’clock positions. It features a prominent outer ring, a darker gap, an intermediate ring, a narrower dark gap, and a bright inner disc. At the centre is a ragged black spot indicating a lack of data


The James Webb Space Telescope Reveals Fomalhaut's Disk In Unprecedented Detail

Continuing its run of ground-breaking discoveries, the James Webb Space Telescope has snapped the clearest images yet of the dusty disk around the young star Fomalhaut.

Solar System

Amateur Astronomers Help Provide Uninterrupted View of Venus’s Clouds

The newest observations will help astronomers understand a planetary-scale wave in the atmosphere of our sister planet.

Donatiello II appears as a smattering of stars on a black field dotted with background galaxis


Italian Amateur Astronomer Discovers Dwarf Galaxies

Three dwarf galaxies around the Sculptor Galaxy have come to light thanks to the work of an amateur astronomer.