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Portable Paramount Pier

A sturdy new solution for taking your Paramount MX on the road.

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The FC-76DC

Takahashi updates its classic APO

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Neximage 5 Planetary Camera

Celestron's 5-megapixel planetary camera

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Newtonian How-To Book

Everything you'll need to know about building a big Newt.

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Kson: Portable Go To Mount

New equatorial Go To mount from Kson.

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Canon's Astro-camera

The new 60Da, designed for astrophotography

People, Places, and Events

Starstruck: The Fine Art of Astrophotography

A large astrophotography exhibit opens at Bates College in Lewiston, Maine.

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Atik 428EX CCD Camera

A new compact imager from ATIK.

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Software package that shoots your CCD images while you sleep.

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a new flat-fielding device for imagers.

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Autoguider update for the ST-8300

Professional Telescopes

Hubble's Hidden Treasures Competition

Try your hand at creating a beautiful Hubble image and you might win an Apple iPod Touch or iPad.

Celestial News & Events

Exciting Event on Mars!

Observers are reporting an unusual event on the Red Planet, well placed for western U.S. residents this evening.

People, Places, and Events

Changes in Latitude

Hundreds of observers, who'd grown tired of cold, dreary midwinter skies, headed to the Florida Keys last week. There they viewed the heavens in shirtsleeve weather at the 28th annual Winter Star Party.

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Hot Products 2012

Our 14th annual roundup of Hot Products highlights the most intriguing new astronomy gear in the worldwide market.

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A New Ethos

Tele Vue's 4.7mm Ethos

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Self-Autoguiding Mount

Meade's new LX800 telescope mount.

Space Missions

EPOXI Offers Do-It-Yourself Imagery

Try your hand at processing raw images of deep-sky object taken by NASA's EPOXI spacecraft.

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The Nightscape CCD Camera incorporates regulated thermoelectric cooling and an internal mechanical shutter.

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Van Slyke's Zerotator

Heavy-duty digital camera rotator