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People, Places, and Events

Astro-gear Galore in Pasadena

The Pacific Astronomy and Telescope Show drew a large crowds last weekend in Pasadena, California.

Celestial News & Events

Venus Returns

Earth's sister planet has emerged from behind the Sun for a low evening apparition. See how early you can spot it in the twilight.

Pro-Am Collaboration

Jupiter's Third Red Spot May Have Survived

Jupiter's newest red spot was disrupted during its encounter with the Great Red Spot and Oval BA, but appears to be reforming.

People, Places, and Events

Imaging Tools and Techniques at MWAIC

Attendees of the MidWest Astro-Imaging Conference were treated to the latest innovations in astrophotography techniques.

Milky Way

The Milky Way Remapped

Two new sky surveys shed light on the structure of our home galaxy.

People, Places, and Events

Telescopes Galore at NEAF

Dozens of new products debut at the Northeast Astronomy Forum & Telescope Show.

People, Places, and Events

Astro-imagers Share Keys to Success

The Northeast Astro-Imaging Conference (NEAIC) kicked off Thursday here in Suffern, NY., featuring talks by many of the biggest names in astrophotography.

People, Places, and Events

NEAF is Back!

This weekend, make plans to attend the largest annual astronomy trade show in America: the Northeast Astronomy Forum & Telescope Show.

NPS EE Barnard Atlas

New Product Showcase


A Photographic Atlas of Selected Regions of the Milky Way by legendary astronomer Edward Emerson Barnard has been reprinted.

SkyView Mini

New Product Showcase


Double your observing pleasure with Orion Telescopes & Binoculars’ new SkyView Mini Altazimuth Telescope Mount.

Pro-Am Collaboration

Mercury, Messenger, and Observers

As the first images are released from Messenger's flyby of the innermost planet, previous ground-based observations are proving to be surprisingly accurate.

People, Places, and Events

Martian Crater Named for “Chick” Capen

A crater on Mars has been officially named for the American scientist Charles F. Capen.

Celestial Objects to Observe

Catching the Messenger of the Gods

Mercury is a rewarding challenge for planetary astrophotographers, as this amazing image by Massachusetts amateur John Boudreau demonstrates.

Solar System

Imaging Mercury

A team of astronomers have found new features on the innermost planet using an approach familiar to many amateur astronomers.

Celestial News & Events

Uranian Moons Transit Tonight

This evening, if you've got a good planetary imaging setup, see if you can rcord the shadows of Titania and Ariel as they drift across the cloud tops of Uranus.

Solar System

Skylights into Martian Caves

NASA's Mars Odyssey orbiter may have found deep black pits — possibly sinkholes — that act as skylights for extensive caves on the slopes of the volcano Arsia Mons.

Celestial News & Events

Jupiter's Circulating Current

Amateurs capture Jupiter's spots in the act of jumping belts.


Dust Continues to Blanket Mars

Dust storms have curtailed all rover activity for nearly a month.

dust storm

Dust Storm Erupts on Mars

Earlier this week amateur astronomers watching Mars spotted a large — and growing — dust cloud over the planet's southern hemisphere.


Venus Plays Hide and Seek

Planetary occultation events are a rare and wonderful treat.