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Triple stars finders

Explore the Night with Bob King

Winter's Finest Triple Stars

Double stars are wonderful, but triples are terrific! Here are 16 trios to enjoy the next clear night.

Winter Pair-a-gon

Night Sky Sights

Explore Double Stars in the "Winter Pair-a-gon"

The Winter Hexagon is not only key to finding six of the season's most prominent constellations but also a gateway to a more than a half-dozen delightful double stars.

Doubles map east

Explore the Night with Bob King

Dazzling Double Stars for Compromised Skies

For many, smoke from wildfires has transformed summer nights, blotting out stars and familiar deep-sky sights. But through it all double stars keep on shining.

M56 globular

Night Sky Sights

Summer Nights Offer Splendid Sights in Lyra

Lyra, the Lyre, offers a wonderful assortment of double stars and deep-sky objects to keep you up at night. Break out your binoculars and telescope and join me for a summertime ramble.

IC 418 planetary nebula

Celestial Objects to Observe

A Deep-sky Hippity-hop through Lepus, the Hare

Snare a dozen bright double stars and deep-sky objects in the celestial Hare the next clear night. We also provide details on how to watch the potentially hazardous asteroid Apophis occult a star the night of February 21st.

Deep Sky

See Southern Hemisphere Stars in This Journey to the Bottom of the Sky

How Low Can You Go? Journey to the Bottom of the Sky

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Double Date with a Dragon

For your enjoyment, a diverse selection of double stars in Draco for small and medium telescopes.

Hyades and horseshoe

Explore the Night with Bob King

Happy Nights with the Hyades

The Hyades open cluster may stand in the shadow of its neighbor the Pleiades, but there's a wide variety of wonders here from naked-eye double stars to challenging galaxies. Let's pay a visit.

Deep Sky

Double Your Deep-Sky Pleasure with "Two-in-the-View"

Once you've seen two, a single won't do. Enjoy this selection of multiple deep-sky objects visible in the same field of view of your telescope.

Horses head to head

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Equuleus, the Constellation Nobody Knows

Often passed over in favor of showier sights, the constellation of the Little Horse has charms of its own. Let's saddle up and go for a ride.

Orion's Belt by Bob King

Explore the Night with Bob King

A Winter Night's Sojourn in Orion's Belt

Orion's Belt is a magnetic sight on February nights. Take the bait and revel in a bounty of double and multiple stars, nebulae, and more.

Explore the Night with Bob King

Fishing for Double Stars in Pisces

Pisces, that sprawling constellation of faint stars easy to ignore, holds a treasure trove of double stars for small telescopes.

Double Stars

Pushing Limits: A Spring Sky Double Star Romp

Push your telescope to the limit and put your eyes to the test with this series of tight-knit springtime double stars.

Beguiling Hues

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Colored Double Stars, Real and Imagined

Colorful lights twinkle everywhere during the holiday season, including up above in some remarkably tinted double stars. Find out what makes them so alluring.

Stellar Beauties

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Will the Real Albireo Please Stand Up?

A stunning double star, Albireo is also a bit of an enigma. Is it a true binary or the result of a chance alignment?

Capella x 2

Explore the Night with Bob King

Tale of Capella and the Two Red Dwarfs

Bright Capella plays it close to the vest when it comes to companions, but with a good map and steady skies you can track down its dwarf binary.

Celestial Objects to Observe

Fomalhaut: A Crazy-Wide Triple Star

Lonely Fomalhaut turns out to have plenty of company. Learn how to find its two remarkably distant stellar companions.

True double samples

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See Summer's Best Naked-Eye Double Stars

Not every set of closely paired stars requires binoculars or a telescope to "split". Here's a guide to summertime doubles you can tackle with your eyes alone.

Albireo photo

Double Stars

Leading a Double (Star) Life

Double stars show us color combinations we seldom see anywhere else in the sky. Viewing these stellar twins yourself is fun and easy.

Delta Cephei

Double Stars

Seeing Double (Stars)

Spotting double stars is always a stargazing treat! Here are some targets to get you started.