Stellafane, Mars, and Williamina Fleming

In the August 2023 issue of Sky & Telescope, we’re celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Springfield Telescope Makers with a brief history of the club and its famous annual star party, Stellafane. Then, we’re taking a look at E. E. Barnard’s photographic Milky Way atlas and observing some of Williamina Fleming’s little-known, deep-sky discoveries. Next, we’re reviewing the history of the Milky Way as told by the metallicity of its oldest stars. Finally, we celebrate NASA’s Insight lander which signed off for the last time at the end of 2022, but not before it provided a new perspective on the Red Planet’s interior.


Shake, Rattle, and Roll

Conquered by dust, the Insight lander has ended its mission after giving us an unprecedented look at seismic activity on the Red Planet.

By Javier Barbuzano

Williamina Fleming’s Deep-Sky Discoveries

From housekeeper to cataloger of myriad stellar spectra, Williamina Fleming continues to inspire.  

By Steve Gottlieb

E. E. Barnard and His Milky Way Masterpiece

One hundred years ago, one of America’s most famous and beloved astronomers passed away, having written his name across the skies.  

By William Sheehan

Dawn of the Milky Way

New observations are unveiling the earliest epochs of our galaxy.

By Ken Croswell

Stellafane Turns 100

The group of Vermont amateurs that became the focal point of the telescope-making movement in North America is celebrating a milestone anniversary.

By Dennis di Cicco

Beyond the Printed Page:

Williamina Fleming's Deep-Sky Discoveries

Use these finder charts to locate Williamina Fleming's myriad discoveries.

Edward Emerson Barnard

Explore the digitized version of A Photographic Atlas of Selected Regions of the Milky


The Moon Crosses Antares

Find out what time Antares will disappear behind the Moon in your area.

The Geologic Moon

Download the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ large-scale map of the Moon.


Southern Scorpius

Some of the celestial Scorpion’s finest sights skim the horizon.

By Fred Schaaf

Moon Bows Out for the Perseids

Conditions are nearly ideal for the summer’s best meteor shower.

By Bob King

Mapping the Geologic Moon

New resources can enhance your lunar understanding.

By Charles A. Wood

Astrophotography: Why Bother?

Understanding why we create astronomical images can be more important than knowing how.

By Tony Puerzer

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