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October’s Annular Eclipse, Galactic Gems, and the Universe’s Extra Light

The October issue of Sky & Telescope will tell you all you need to know to prepare for the October 14th annular solar eclipse. The event is sure to generate public interest in stargazing in general, and we’ve got you covered with some great autumn outreach targets. You’ll also get an inside and in-depth look at what the James Webb Space Telescope is revealing about the early universe. Meanwhile, Hubble is still going strong, occasionally with citizen scientists in (or at least near) the driver’s seat. Based on the Zooniverse project, the Zoo Gems initiative uses Hubble’s spare time to point at galactic oddities. Beyond the galaxies, where there should be only the blackness of space, astronomers are finding extra light — a mystery that needs attention.


JWST Reveals the Early Universe

Webb is giving us an unprecedented look at galaxies from the first billion years of cosmic history.

By Dan Coe and Rebecca Larson

Unearthing Galactic Gems

Enthusiasts and scientists join forces to help fill Hubble’s free time.

By Madison Goldberg

The Case of the Universe’s Extra Light

Astronomers imaging the blackness of space have found it isn’t as dark as they expected.

By Monica Young

Autumn Outreach

Offering views through your telescope is a rewarding endeavor.

By Ted Forte

The Great Annular Eclipse of 2023

This month’s alignment is more than just a warm-up for next spring.

By Fred Espenak and Jay Anderson

Eclipse-Sequence Photography

Here’s how to record every stage of an eclipse in one picture.

By Tunç Tezel

Beyond the Printed Page:

Solar Telescope

Check out images from the new Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope.

Binary Black Hole

Watch this simulation of OJ 287, a distant galaxy that contains two supermassive black holes.

Solar Viewers

Learn about the ISO standard for solar viewers.

Aurora Watching

Use NOAA’s Aurora Dashboard to predict when the next aurora will appear in your area.


A (Great) Square Deal

Autumn’s most expansive asterism ropes in two constellations.

By Fred Schaaf

The Moon Meets Jupiter . . . Twice

Good timing results in a mirrored pair of eye-catching conjunctions.

By Bob King

No Tranquil Solution

Mare Tranquillitatis doesn’t appear to fill an impact basin. Why not?

By Charles A. Wood

Detailed Wide-Angle Astrophotos

Overlapping frames allow you to capture generous swaths of sky in high resolution.

By Tony Puerzer

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