Impact simulation frame

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NASA's DART Impact Reshaped the Asteroid Dimorphos

Models of the NASA's DART impact reshaping the asteroid moon Dimorphos show that this object is "rubble all the way down."

Close-up view of Didymos and Dimorphos

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The Aftermath of DART, Humankind’s First Planetary Defense Mission

Five new studies give a full accounting of the aftermath of the impact of NASA's DART mission on a nearby asteroid.

Trailing plume ejected from bright Dimorphos

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How Citizen Scientists Are Monitoring the DART Impact's Aftereffects

Observers around the globe are keeping an eye on the asteroid Didymos and its moon Dimorphos to track the long-term effects of the DART mission's impact.

nearby view of ejecta streaming out from asteroid

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DART Asteroid Redirect Test Wildly Successful

They needed to shorten the moon’s orbit by 73 seconds. They shortened it by more than half an hour.