Slanted shot shows black space over the gray, cratered horizon of Mercury

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Do Glaciers on Mercury Suggest Such a Planet Could Be Habitable?

Salt glaciers on Mercury suggest conditions friendly to life — but not life itself — might once have existed on the innermost planet.

Illustration of BepiColumbo in front of Mercury

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BepiColombo First Picture of Mercury (Updated)

BepiColombo is set to make the first of several flybys past Mercury on Friday, October 1st.

Chaotic terrain on Mercury

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Why Have Parts of Mercury's Landscape "Deflated"?

A type of landscape on Mercury known as “chaotic terrain” might have released materials stored underground for eons.

Transit of Mercury 2019 (composite)

Celestial News & Events

Capturing the Transit of Mercury

Though clouds blocked the sky for many yesterday, those with a clear view had the chance to see tiny Mercury cross the face of the Sun.

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Don't Miss Monday's Rare Transit of Mercury

On Monday, November 11th, Mercury will pass directly in front of the Sun and look a tiny black dot silhouetted against the brilliant solar disk. The event, called a transit, occurs approximately 13 times a century.

Transit comparison

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Citizen Science with the Transit of Mercury

If you're planning on watching the November 11th transit of Mercury, try kicking it up a notch — watch with a friend and calculate the distance between Earth and the Sun!

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Perseid Prospects, Mornings with Mercury and the Lunar X

With the Perseid shower, a great morning apparition of Mercury, and a chance to see craters scratch out an X on the moon, skywatchers have a busy week ahead! 

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A Zodiac Ramble . . . with a Few Fun Detours

Take a trip along the ecliptic from dusk till dawn to check out the sights along this well-traveled highway — the zodiacal light, Mercury, and the gegenschein, plus scenic detours to a comet and asteroid.

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Venus Occults a Star and Mercury Joins Jupiter on the Winter Solstice

Bring in winter with a bang with a beautiful, close conjunction and a rare planet-star occultation.

Image of BepiColumbo launch

Space Missions

Mission to Mercury Launches

The BepiColombo spacecraft, Europe's first mission to Mercury, rocketed away from Earth to begin its seven-year trek to the innermost planet.

Near and Far Planets Draw Close

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See Mercury First, Then Have Breakfast

Late sunrises make it easy to follow the parade of planets at dawn, including a nice apparition of Mercury this week with three successive lunar conjunctions.

Feather of Dusty Light

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Mercury Punctuates The False Dawn

Early risers get a triple treat this week and next: a ravishing dawn Moon, an excellent apparition of Mercury, and a hint of Halloween in the ghostly zodiacal light.

Mercury transit 2016 in H-alpha light

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Mercury's Slow Glide Across the Sun

May 9th's transit of Mercury is now history. Countless amateurs — and professionals — watched as the innermost planet had its day in the Sun. It's sometimes the curse of being involved in astronomical outreach that I miss all the action during an important celestial event. For example, I never…

Transit of Mercury composite

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Mercury Transit: Everything You Need to Know

The littlest planet will cross the enormous Sun for viewers in most of the world.

Mercury on April 15th

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How to Spot Mercury in the Evening Sky

If you've never seen the fleet-footed planet Mercury, now is a great time to look for it in the evening sky after sunset.