NASA’s Kepler Finds Outcast Earths

Astronomers uncovered four new Earth-mass rogue planet candidates by searching for microlensing events observed with Kepler.


Rogue Planets: Not as Plentiful as Thought

A new study finds that rogue planets — those floating free in the galaxy, unbound to any star — are not as plentiful as we once thought.

Milky Way

How Many Rogue Planets Are There in the Milky Way?

A new analysis suggests that "nomad" planets, ejected from their home stellar systems and now adrift in the icy dark of interstellar space., could outnumber stars by as many as 100,000 to 1.


Do Planets Outnumber Stars?

Just-released observations suggest that the Milky Way could teem with hundreds of billions of free-floating planets.