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ACME Mapper

Solar System

Out of Reach

Some things to look at and think about while this blogger is away.

Resources and Education

BASIC Programs from Sky & Telescope

Examples of celestial computation from the dawn of the home-computer age.

Resources and Education

Astronomy Software Vendors

Contact information for commercial developers of astronomical software.

Resources and Education

Freeware from Sky & Telescope

Handy — and free — observing and optics utilities.

Using Software

Resources and Education

Astronomy Software: Public Domain, Freeware, and Shareware

Dozens of free or inexpensive computer programs can aid your observing or simply allow you to explore the sky.

Resources and Education

BASICally Speaking

Suzanne Rich From a casual exploration of the new-upload libraries of online services, and seeing recent freeware and shareware offerings, there is no question that plenty of programmers are still hacking away in their dens and basements. Furthermore, the creators of these utilities are more imaginative than those nearly two…