Theia Impact

Astronomy in Space with David Dickinson

Bits of Theia Might Be in Earth's Mantle

A "smoking gun" for the ancient calamity that formed Earth’s large Moon may still exist deep in the mantle of our planet.

Birth of the Moon?

Solar System

Did a Mars-size Body Bring Life-essential Elements to Earth?

Collision with a Mars-size body — the same body thought to have formed the Moon — might also have brought life-supporting volatile elements to Earth.

Two planets colliding

Solar System

Three New Findings About the Moon

Researchers have announced interesting news concerning the Moon, especially about how and when it formed, and why the "Man in the Moon" constantly stares at us whenever the lunar disk is fully lit.

Solar System

Making the Moon Anew

One of the solar system's most nagging problems literally stares into the collective faces of planetary scientists on many nights every month. It's the Moon — or, specifically, how it came to exist.

Solar System

Did the Moon Come From Earth?

New findings show that the Moon might have incorporated more of Earth when it formed than previously thought — a problem for the widely accepted "big splat" hypothesis.