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LSP in space

Space Missions

Goodbye, LISA Pathfinder

The European Space Agency switched off its groundbreaking LISA Pathfinder mission this week.


Astronomy in Space with David Dickinson

New Satellite "Mayak" Might Light Up the Sky

Russia's first crowd-funded satellite, named Mayak (Russian for "beacon of light"), promises to be the “brightest object in the night sky next to the Moon.”

Jupiter's Great Red Spot in enhanced color

Astronomy in Space with David Dickinson

By Jove! Juno Images Jupiter's Great Red Spot

NASA's Juno Spacecraft delivers stunning closeup views of Jupiter's famous swirling Great Red Spot storm.

Space Missions

"Gecko Gripper" Tech to Clean Up Space Junk

Researchers are figuring out how to use a nature-inspired "gecko gripper" technology to solve the mounting problem of space debris.

Voyager 2 approaches Neptune in 1989

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NASA Eyes "Ice Giant" Missions in the 2030s

A recent NASA study outlines possible dedicated missions to the "ice giant" planets Uranus and Neptune that might leave Earth as early as 2030.

NASA's boulder-retrieval mission

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NASA Closes Out Its Asteroid Redirect Mission

Following the release of the 2018 budget, the space agency has ordered an “orderly closeout” for the Asteroid Redirect program.


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China Launches Its First X-ray Observatory

China's Hard X-ray Modulation Telescope (HXMT) headed to orbit this past weekend.

Rosetta's Comet 67P


Rosetta Finds Clues to Earth's “Xenon Paradox”

Xenon measured by the European Space Agency's Rosetta spacecraft has shed light on a long-standing mystery about the role comets played in Earth's formation.

Hottest Jupiter

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KELT-9b: Hottest Hot Jupiter Exoplanet Yet

Astronomers announce the discovery of bloated gas giant KELT-9b, the hottest "hot Jupiter" exoplanet known orbiting a short-lived massive star.

ESA ExoMars 2016

Space Missions

New Clues on Fate of Schiaparelli Mars Lander

The European Space Agency has released its investigation into the crash of the Schiaparelli Mars lander in October 2016.

Jupiter white spot

Solar System

Juno: Surprises in First Science Results

From its dynamic atmosphere to its hidden depths, the Juno spacecraft has Jupiter as never before — surprising NASA scientists with unexpected complexity.

2014 JO25

Solar System

Amazing New Views of Near-Earth Asteroid

Large asteroid 2014 JO25 cruised past Earth on April 19, and Goldstone and Arecibo radars were at the ready to capture what turned out to be yet another twin-lobed asteroid.

Cassini Grand Finale

Space Missions

Cassini Traverses "Big Empty" on First Grand Finale Pass

The Grand Finale is underway, as NASA's Cassini spacecraft sails through a clear gap between Saturn and its rings.

Cassini Grand Finale

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Cassini Survives First "Grand Finale" Dive

Cassini's Grand Finale has begun, as the spacecraft threaded the needle between Saturn and its rings, following several fantastic moon passes and a final glance back at Earth.

LISA Pathfinder

Solar System

LISA Pathfinder: From Gravitational Waves to Space Dust

LISA Pathfinder, the technology testbed mission for a future gravitational-wave detector, turns out to be a surprisingly good micrometeoroid hunter.

LHS 1140 b

Astronomy in Space with David Dickinson

Welcome to LHS 1140b: A Super-Earth in the Habitable Zone

The MEarth exoplanet survey nabs LHS 1140 b, a rocky planet transiting its host star just 41 light-years distant.

Cassini at Saturn

Solar System

Cassini's Grand Finale Orbits Set to Begin

NASA's Cassini mission nears its final act — the spacecraft will enter the first of its Grand Finale Orbits later this month.

Rosetta Selfie

Solar System

Rosetta Sees Changing Face of Comet 67P

Data from the Rosetta mission has linked outbursts on Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko with dramatic changes on the comet's surface.


Solar System

Welcome to Pan: Saturn's Ravioli-Shaped Moon

Cassini gave us a good look a Saturn's moon Pan last week... and what a strange world it is.

Fireball over ALMA

Solar System

A New Take on the Audible Meteor Mystery

A recent study suggests a plausible mechanism to explain why observers sometimes hear superbright meteors at the same time that they see them.