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local large-scale structure


Galaxies Hidden Behind the Milky Way

Astronomers have detected hundreds of galaxies lying hidden behind the Milky Way's disk, many of which belong to the so-called Great Attractor, or Norma Supercluster.

Smith Cloud and Milky Way


Giant Cloud Came from the Milky Way

The massive Smith Cloud falling toward our galaxy’s disk is likely from our galaxy, not a visitor.

Ripples in the Milky Way's Disk

Milky Way

A Galaxy Hit-and-Run

Ripples found in the Milky Way’s disk reveal our galaxy survived an ancient hit-and-run. Now, astronomers might have caught the culprit.

An artist's impression of a damped-lyman alpha system


Seeing Shadows of Ancient Galaxies

A new technique lets astronomers measure nearly invisible clouds of hydrogen gas from across the universe.

M87 galaxy

Stellar Science

Astronomers Take Galaxy’s Pulse

Astronomers have caught a giant elliptical galaxy “shimmering” as its stars pulsate.

Tarantula Nebula pulsars

Stellar Science

Pulsars' Gamma Rays Highlight Mysteries

The Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope has discovered that almost all of the highest energy photons in the Large Magellanic Cloud come from two pulsars.

MACS0717 galaxy cluster


Small Galaxies Helped Light Up Universe

Hubble observations confirm that much of the light that broke up the early universe’s hydrogen came from the smallest galaxies.

Simulated Submillimeter Galaxy


Making the Brightest, Rarest Galaxies

Some of the universe’s most luminous galaxies are also the most mysterious. New simulations shed light on how these galaxies formed.

ring galaxy ESO 179-13


Dwarf Bull’s-eye Galaxy Discovered

Astronomers have discovered that one galaxy of a nearby double-galaxy system has a giant, star-studded ring.

IAU Closing


At the IAU: New Dwarf Galaxy Neighbors & Dark-Sky Sanctuaries

As the IAU General Assembly in Hawaii'i draws to a close, the results were still coming in: a new bevy of dwarf galaxies discovered around the Milky Way, the celebration of the first Dark-Sky Sanctuary, and a new directly imaged exoplanet to boot.

GAMA Galaxy Images


"The Universe Is Dying" — So What?

Recent headlines proclaim that the universe is dying, but we’ve actually known that for decades. Here’s what’s really interesting about recent research on the nearby universe.

cold-gas accretion simulation


Gigantic Protogalaxy in the Cosmic Web

Astronomers have found that a massive filament of gas in the early universe actually seems to be a humongous, galaxy-forming disk.

The dust pillars of NGC 4921


Cosmic Wind Erodes Distant Galaxy

On Earth, wind can transform entire landscapes - turns out the same is true in space. Galaxy NGC 4921 faces an intracluster wind that's eroding its star-forming terrain.


Seeing Signs of the First Stars?

Astronomers have come upon the tantalizing signal from some of the universe’s first stars.


Weighing a Supermassive Black Hole

Combining a novel technique and a world-class telescope, astronomers have measured the mass of the supermassive black hole at the center of barred spiral NGC 1097.

low-dust galaxies


Dust-poor Early Galaxies

New ALMA observations reveal low levels of dust in nine early galaxies, suggesting astronomers should revise some of their calculations.


Dark Galaxies Suffuse the Coma Cluster

Following on a surprising find reported last year, astronomers have now discovered almost 1,000 dark matter-rich galaxies in the Coma Cluster.


Between Galaxies: Lonely Supernovae

Researchers confirm that three solitary stars have gone supernovae in intergalactic space.

Most Luminous Galaxy


The Most Luminous Galaxy

Researchers using NASA’s Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) have discovered the most luminous galaxy to date.


The Migrating Stars of Cluster 47 Tucanae

Observations of white dwarfs in a densely populated globular cluster confirm astronomers’ expectations that stars will migrate to a cluster’s outskirts after losing weight.