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Dark Galaxies Suffuse the Coma Cluster

Following on a surprising find reported last year, astronomers have now discovered almost 1,000 dark matter-rich galaxies in the Coma Cluster.


Between Galaxies: Lonely Supernovae

Researchers confirm that three solitary stars have gone supernovae in intergalactic space.

Most Luminous Galaxy

Black Holes

The Most Luminous Galaxy

Researchers using NASA’s Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) have discovered the most luminous galaxy to date.


The Migrating Stars of Cluster 47 Tucanae

Observations of white dwarfs in a densely populated globular cluster confirm astronomers’ expectations that stars will migrate to a cluster’s outskirts after losing weight.

Andromeda's halo


Spotting Andromeda Galaxy’s Giant Halo

Astronomers have detected a massive yet elusive nimbus of hot gas surrounding Andromeda Galaxy.

Andromeda Galaxy


Runaway Compact Galaxies?

Astronomers have discovered 195 compact elliptical galaxies, upping the known number of these weird galaxies sixfold.

NGC 5972 and the ghost of quasars past


Hubble Investigates Ghosts of Quasars Past

A galaxy-size blob of gas discovered eight years ago by a Dutch schoolteacher has galvanized the study of the spectral remains of once-bright quasars.

massive galaxy evolution


Ancient Galaxies Seen Dying Inside-Out

Astronomers have found massive galaxies 3 billion years after the Big Bang that are dying from the inside out.

Einstein Ring of Fire


Ring-Shaped Spyglass to Early Universe

A rare type of gravitational lens offers astronomers a close look at a young, dusty galaxy manufacturing hundreds of stars a year.

Potential dwarf galaxies


New Dwarf Galaxies Near Milky Way

Astronomers have found a set of new dwarf galaxy candidates near the Milky Way Galaxy, a discovery crucial to understanding dark matter.

Supernova Refsdal


Hubble Spots a Lensed Supernova

For the first time, astronomers are watching as a supernova’s light bends around a massive galaxy on its way to Earth.

Abell 1689


Dusty Galaxy in the Early Universe

A small galaxy 700 million years after the universe’s birth has a dust reservoir that makes it look like a much older galaxy.

Teacup Galaxy


Tempest in the Teacup Galaxy

New observations of the Teacup Galaxy show that even black holes with wimpy radio jets can quench a galaxy's star formation. An unassuming nearby galaxy nicknamed The Teacup (more formally known as J1430+1339) hides a tempest inside. The supermassive black hole at this galaxy's center is chowing down furiously on…

CANDELS Ultra Deep Survey


Hubble’s Long Look at Distant Galaxies

Hubble Space Telescope observations are enlightening astronomers about the evolution of galaxies in the distant universe.

PHAT field for M31


Charting the Andromeda Galaxy

The Hubble Space Telescope has turned its ultraviolet, visible-light, and near-infrared eyes to the queen of galaxies, M31, capturing the biggest and sharpest image yet of our neighbor.

Coma Cluster


Dark Galaxies Discovered in Coma Cluster

A bizarre set of galaxies in the Coma Cluster have lost most of their stars (or star-making material), making them especially rich in dark matter.

Galaxy cluster Abell 2744


Ghostly Light From Dead Galaxies

Astronomers are peering into a galaxy cluster’s past, using Hubble’s Frontier Fields to measure the light from ghost stars cast adrift in galaxy collisions.

galaxy mergers create disks


Mergers Create Disk Galaxies

Observations from several radio telescopes reveal that, when two galaxies merge, their progeny often have gaseous disks—a hypothesis that before now didn’t have solid observational evidence.


Citizen Scientists Probe Early Galaxies

New data collected by Galaxy Zoo show early galaxies with central bars, providing implications about how galaxies grow.

ultracompact dwarf galaxy


Small Galaxy Boasts Big Black Hole

Astronomers have detected a supermassive black hole in the center of a tiny galaxy — where it has no right to be.