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Margot Lee Shetterly

African American astronomers

The “Hidden Figures” Who Helped Win the Space Race

The movie Hidden Figures portrays the untold story of three African-American women who played an important role in the 1960s space race. The film serves to inspire future generations.

Famous and Noteworthy Astronomers

Annie Jump Cannon: Star Classifier

Astronomer Annie Jump Cannon (1863-1941) classified hundreds of thousands of stars and created the system we use to understand stars today.

The 2017 Total Solar Eclipse

Preparación para el 2017 Eclipse Total de Sol

El 21 de Agosto del 2017 va a ser la primera vez que los Americanos podrán ver un eclipse total de Sol desde 1949. Un espectáculo tan grandioso obtendrá mucha atención, pero también atrae mucha planificación necesaria.

The 2017 Total Solar Eclipse

Preparing for the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse (VIDEO)

On August 21, 2017, mainland Americans will witness a total solar eclipse. Here's why it'll be amazing - and why you should start planning your trip to totality now!

Famous and Noteworthy Astronomers

Arthur B. C. Walker II: X-ray Astrophysicist

African American physicist, Arthur B.C. Walker Jr. (1936-2001), helped develop solar telescopes to image the Sun’s corona.

Famous and Noteworthy Astronomers

Vera Rubin: Dark Matter Detective

American astronomer Vera Rubin (1928 - ) measured how fast galaxies rotate, delivering decisive evidence for the existence of dark matter.


Students Discover a Galactic Eye of Horus

Undergraduate students in Japan stumbled upon a rare lensing of two distinct background galaxies.


NASA’s K2 Mission Confirms 100+ Exoplanets

Kepler’s K2 mission has confirmed 104 new exoplanets — including a rocky, four-planet system.

Professional Telescopes

MeerKAT in South Africa Sees First Light

The MeerKAT radio telescope has produced its first light image — even at quarter-strength, it’s already the best of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere.

Solar System

Dark Streaks on Mars Revisited

New research on seasonal streaks in Martian canyons provides evidence against underground pools of water.


The Making of a “Frankenstein” Galaxy

Astronomers take a second look at UGC 1382 — previously considered a typical elliptical galaxy — and reassess everything they know about its size, age, and formation.

Stellar Science

A New Look at the Crab Nebula

A new Hubble Space Telescope image shows the very heart of the Crab Nebula, one of the most studied supernova remnants.

Professional Telescopes

Old Radio Telescope Restored for New Uses

Abandoned for 25 years, a 12-meter antenna once used during the Cold War is now introducing astronomy students to the radio universe.

Phases of the Moon


What are the Phases of the Moon?

The phases of the Moon are determined by the relative positions of the Moon, Earth, and Sun.

Exoplanet, NASA


Giant Planets and Wonky Orbits

Kepler-108 is the first system observed with really wonky orbits, which may be a result of giant planets bumping into each other.

Galileo sunspot drawing

Solar System

Seeing Sunspots as Early Astronomers Did

Astronomers have reconstructed 18-century telescopes to observe sunspots and better understand solar cycles.

Save Dark Skies

Measuring the Impacts of Light Pollution

Light pollution is pervasive, and its impact on people is larger than you might think.

Solar System

Comets Break Up and Make Up

Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko appears to have split into two segments that briefly orbited each other and then slowly merged into a new configuration.

Jupiter on May 15, 2016

Solar System

VLA Probes Deeply into Jupiter’s Atmosphere

Astronomers have new radio images of Jupiter that allow them to see deep into its atmosphere.


Galaxy Cluster Spotted in Early Universe

Astronomers discover a vast collection of young galaxies from the early universe.