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Bump In the Night

Imaging Foundations with Richard Wright

Astro Photobombs: These Things Can Ruin Your Image

Unexpected vibrations, airplanes, and satellites can ruin your exposures without you knowing it — here's what to look for.

Before and after

Imaging Foundations with Richard Wright

Satellites, Begone! Remove Trails from Your Astrophotography

While the growing number of satellites above our heads is a concern, there are ways to mitigate their appearances in deep-sky astrophotography.

Lucky Imaging

Astrophotography: Tips & Techniques

An Introduction to Lucky Imaging for Astrophotography

Despite its name, luck has nothing to do with "lucky imaging." The technique is a powerful tool for crisp, clear astrophotography. Here, we take on lucky imaging of the Moon.


Peer Deep Within the Large Magellanic Cloud

A team of amateurs reveals the Large Magellanic Cloud, a galactic neighbor, in an exceedingly deep, high-resolution mosaic.


Imaging Foundations with Richard Wright

Astro-Imaging: Don't Throw A FITs, Man!

The FITS file is so much more than just an image format. If you're looking to get serious about deep-sky astrophotography, here's what FITS can offer you.

Imaging Foundations with Richard Wright

Astro-Imaging: Stretching the Truth

There's more than one way to stretch your data . . . and the truth.

Binary overlay

Astrophotography: Tips & Techniques

Astrophotography: Bits, Bytes & Dynamic Range

Wider is better for astrophotography — understand the basics of bit depth and dynamic range for better astrophotos.


Imaging Foundations with Richard Wright

Astrophotography: Let's Get Linear

Richard Wright explains the importance of linearity — a measure of how a detector accumulates lights — in getting the most from your space images.


Imaging Foundations with Richard Wright

What Magnification Is That?

Telesope magnification is much more complex than it might seem at first glance.


Astrophotography: Tips & Techniques

Star Clusters: The Low Hanging Fruit of Astrophotography

Star clusters are a terrific way to practice your astrophotography fundamentals!

The Milky Way, cropped

Milky Way

Amateurs Take Huge Panoramic View of the Milky Way — Without a Telescope

This is what the largest available image of the Milky Way using only off-the-shelf photographic equipment looks like.

Noise to clean

Imaging Foundations with Richard Wright

An Astrophotographer's Gentle Introduction to Noise

You don't need a PhD to understand noise in astronomical images — here's an introduction to the various sources of noise in astrophotography and how to combat them.

Imaging Foundations with Richard Wright

PixInsight vs Photoshop: Which is Better for Astrophotography?

Is it possible to settle the PixInsight vs. Photoshop debate once and for all? Yes: Learn both and gain the skills you need to make better astrophotos!

Astrophotography: Tips & Techniques

Online Webinar: 2018 Nightscape Photography Guide

Join Sky & Telescope's live webinar on Monday, January 29th, to find out which 2018 events present the best nightscape opportunities with world-renowned photographer Babak Tafreshi.

Seeing vs. Transparency

Astrophotography: Tips & Techniques

Seeing vs. Transparency: What's the Difference?

Good weather for imaging is about more than just the clouds! Even if it's cloud-free, you'll need to understand if the seeing and transparency are good.

Pixinsight Vs. Photoshop?

Imaging Foundations with Richard Wright

Astrophotography: Imaging Foundations

Astrophotographer Richard S. Wright, Jr. embarks on his imaging blog. Join him each month to learn how to get the most out of your imaging equipment.

Astrophotography with Jerry Lodriguss

Removing Purple Star Halos

Purple halos around stars can be a problem when shooting with inexpensive camera lenses and telescopes. Here's how to fix them.

Perseid meteor

Astrophotography with Jerry Lodriguss

How to Photograph a Meteor Shower: Capturing the Perseids

Learn how to photograph a meteor shower with these step-by-step instructions, as well as advice for the advanced imager.

Astrophotography: Tips & Techniques

Shooting with Modified, Astrophotography DSLR Cameras

Expanding the spectral response of your camera opens up many new imaging opportunities.

Astrophotography: Tips & Techniques

The 5 S's of CCD Imaging: Capture Amazing Deep-Sky Images

Follow these simple suggestions to get the most out of your CCD images.