four overlapping jupiters showing dark orange marks on the bottom


When Planets Collect Comets

What kind of planets are likely to ensnare comets coming in from the icy outer reaches of a planetary system?

Exocomets around Beta Pictoris (art)


Found: Exoplanet in the "Hot Neptune Desert" & Exocomets Around Beta Pictoris

Two teams of astronomers have announced the discovery of a Neptune-size planet in an unexpected orbit and three exocomets whizzing around nearby star Beta Pictoris.


Disk Around HR 8799 Hints at Hidden Fifth Planet

A high-resolution ALMA image of the HR 8799 planetary disk suggests undiscovered planet.

disintegrating planet or asteroid


White Dwarf Eats Mini Planet?

Astronomers have detected debris around a white dwarf that might be from one or more disintegrating rocky planets.