NGC 2014 and NGC 2020

Professional Telescopes

Celebrating 30 Years: The Universe Through Hubble's Eye

Amateurs celebrate the venerable space telescope’s 30th anniversary with a look at some of its most mesmerizing images.

Red giant stars in galaxy halos


Tension Over Hubble Constant Continues

A new measurement fuels an ongoing debate about the rate at which today’s universe is expanding.

Picture of Hubble Space Telescope

Spacecraft and Space Missions

After Brief Shutdown, Hubble Goes Back to Work

Following three weeks of downtime, engineers have cleared out a mechanical blockage in one of Hubble's gyroscopes and returned the observatory to full science operations.

Hubble Space Telescope in orbit, NASA

Spacecraft and Space Missions

Hubble Hibernates After Minor Breakdown

A failure of a gyroscope used to point and stabilize the Hubble telescope caused the observatory to safely shut down while engineers determine a fix.

Illustration of Kepler-1625b and exomoon in transit


Hubble Boosts Case for Exomoon

Exoplanet Kepler-1625b might harbor a moon the size of Neptune—potentially the first confirmed exomoon—but researchers urge caution.

Lagoon Nebula, by Hubble

Spacecraft and Space Missions

Happy 28th Birthday, Hubble!

To celebrate Hubble's 28th birthday NASA is releasing a brand-new image of the Lagoon Nebula, a vast stellar nursery.

Solar System

Hubble: Weather Watcher of the Outer Solar System

Hubble's powerful eye scouts the outer planets once an Earth year, shedding light on planetary weather, like Jupiter's Great Red Spot and Neptune's Great Dark Spot.

MUSE-Hubble Ultra Deep Field


A Deeper View of Hubble’s Ultra Deep Field

The iconic image of faraway galaxies, and one of the most-observed regions of space, has just received a spectroscopic upgrade.


Hidden Treasures in Hubble Images

A new processing technique has revealed once-invisible planetary disks encircling five stars imaged in Hubble’s archive.