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Hubble: Weather Watcher of the Outer Solar System

Hubble's powerful eye scouts the outer planets once an Earth year, shedding light on planetary weather, like Jupiter's Great Red Spot and Neptune's Great Dark Spot.

Jupiter's South Pole

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Amazing Storms, Jet Streams on Jupiter

NASA’s Juno spacecraft has found breathtaking cyclones at Jupiter’s poles and probed how deep the planet’s jet streams go.

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Mars Flies By Jupiter in a Close Dawn Conjunction

The new year opens with the magnificent pairing of the solar system's largest planet with one of its smallest.

Jupiter's Great Red Spot

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Juno Probes Depths of the Great Red Spot

NASA’s Juno spacecraft peeked under the clouds of the most iconic weather feature in the solar system, Jupiter’s Great Red Spot, revealing a complex structure deep below the surface.

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An Exquisite Venus–Jupiter Conjunction

Venus bids farewell at dawn, but not before a close encounter with returning Jupiter.

5th Jupiter flash on record

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New Impact Flash Seen on Jupiter

Flash! A comet or asteroid fragment whacked Jupiter on May 26th. It's the sixth time that observers on Earth have witnessed an impact on the giant planet.

Curlicue Madness

Explore the Night with Bob King

Jupiter Close, Bright, and Up All Night

It's easy to like Jupiter. No other planet offers such a bounty of amazing sights through the telescope, especially this week when it reaches opposition.  On April 7th, the largest planet in the solar system will rise at sunset and shine all night. That's the date Jupiter lines up behind…

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Jupiter Returns with a Stormy Surprise

The gas giant is emerging in the glow of dawn sporting an tumultuous North Temperate Belt.

View of the Moon-Jupiter meeting, October 28, 2016

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Jupiter Greets Crescent Moon in the Pre-Dawn Sky

On Friday, October 28th, the waning crescent Moon and brilliant Jupiter get together for an early morning conjunction.


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NASA's Juno Suffers Engine Anomaly, Briefly Enters Safe Mode

Engineers have decided to keep the Jupiter probe, Juno, in its current orbit until an issue with its engine can be addressed.

Jupiter on May 15, 2016

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VLA Probes Deeply into Jupiter’s Atmosphere

Astronomers have new radio images of Jupiter that allow them to see deep into its atmosphere.

Solids and Stripes

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Jupiter Jumps Back Into The Evening Sky

Jove begins a new apparition with a redder Red Spot, pirouetting moons, and ever-changing cloudscapes.

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Hubble's Stunning New Jupiter Images You Have to See

A Hubble legacy program has returned high-res pictures of Jupiter, revealing changes to the Great Red Spot and mysterious new wisps in the North Equatorial Band.

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Rare Triple Shadow Transit Not to Miss!

Get your scope ready for a rare event this Friday night when one after another three of Jupiter's brightest moons and their shadows parade across its face.

Europa's amazing surface

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Breathtaking View of Icy Moon Europa

A newly processed image from NASA’s Galileo spacecraft shows Europa’s breathtaking beauty and tortured surface in greater detail than ever before.


Venus and Jupiter: Superclose Conjunction Before Dawn on August 18th

If you rise before dawn on Monday, August 18th, you'll be rewarded with the sight of the closest planet pairing of the year — and not just any planets, but the two brightest ones: Venus and Jupiter.

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Close Venus-Jupiter Conjunction on August 18th

Here's your invitation to view a spectacular close conjunction of the sky's two brightest planets, Venus and Jupiter, before dawn on Monday morning.

Jupiter and GRS


How to See Jupiter: Big, Bright, and Beautiful

Jupiter, the King of Planets, is a captivating sight no matter how you look at it.

Sketch of Jupiter


Jupiter: The Ultimate Observing Guide

Viewing the solar system¹s largest planet can be more than fun — even with a modest telescope, you can make observations of lasting scientific value.