Milky Way

What — and Where — Is the North Polar Spur?

Astronomers make the case that a gigantic ridge of gas sticking out of the galactic plane was blown out by a cluster of nearby supernovae.

The Black Hole Files with Camille Carlisle

Bubbles, Heated Clouds Point to Active Past for Galactic Center

Two studies support the suspicion that our galaxy’s black hole had one or more outbursts a few million years ago.

Milky Way

Galactic Bubbles Spark Debate

New microwave and radio observations resurrect controversy over gigantic lobes seen ballooning from the Milky Way’s center.

galactic haze


Milky Way Blew Bubbles

A careful analysis of Planck observations shows that there really is a mysterious haze emanating from the Milky Way’s core, mission team members say.

Fermi bubbles


Milky Way's Black Hole Once Active

Evidence continues to mount that our galaxy's supermassive black hole was not always the quiet neighbor it is now.

Space Missions

Why is the Milky Way Blowing Bubbles?

Using gamma-ray eyes on NASA's Fermi spacecraft, astronomers now see that our home galaxy sports a matched pair of enormous and recently formed bubbles. It's a mystery how and why they formed.